Corporate Social and Cultural Activities

The company pays special attention to the main asset of JSC Gazproektinzhiniring: people. We strive to unite our employees into a single team working for common goals and objectives.

Their ideas, knowledge, results and hopes are important to us. The company tries to help their stuff, even if the issue is outside the scope of professional activities.

Medical Center

A multifunctional medical and diagnostic institution with a highly professional team and modern equipment

Ivolga Recreation Center

This is a unique natural complex with the richest variety of flora and fauna near Voronezh

Sports Complex

The infrastructure of the enterprise includes a multifunctional sports complex

Social responsibility

Being in the context of current socio-economic processes, we continue to work in compliance with modern standards of production activities, including in the area of ​​responsible attitude to consumed resources and achievement of sustainable development goals.

JSC Gazproektinzhiniring is open to ideas and suggestions from employees in the field of improving the efficiency of production processes, occupational safety and environmental protection, as well as cultural, sports and recreational activities.

The social growth of the company is carried out in the following areas:

Medical Center

Gazproektinzhiniring Medical Center today is a modern multifunctional treatment and diagnostic institution with a highly professional team that has existed on the medical services market since 2008. Modern equipment, the use of imported drugs, the latest technologies and materials make it possible to provide qualified medical care not only to the company's employees, but also to everyone.

Consultative appointments are conducted by candidates of sciences, doctors of the 1st and highest category with extensive work experience. You can visit the following specialists: Gastroenterologist; General Practitioner; Gynaecologist; Dermatologist; Cardiologist; Chiropractor; Neurologist; Orthopaedist; Traumatologist; ENT; Ophthalmologist; Psychologist; Reflexologist; Urologist; Dentist; Endocrinologist; Physiotherapist.

The Medical Center has a dental clinic, massage, surgery, acupuncture, physiotherapy, radiography, ultrasound, manual therapy and specialist consulting rooms.

Particular attention is paid to rehabilitation treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of chronic diseases. Physiotherapy treatment is widely used in the Medical Center.

Ivolga Recreation Center
Ivolga is located in Ramon District of Voronezh Region, 35 kilometres away from the regional centre, in a picturesque forest area of the Grafsky Reserve, not far from the mouth of the Usmanka River.

Ivolga is...

A unique natural complex with the richest variety of flora and fauna. The services of the Ivolga base can be used not only by employees of JSC Gazproektinzhiniring, but also by everyone who likes a quiet, family vacation.

Sports Complex

The Company’s infrastructure includes a multifunctional sports complex. This is a modern multipurpose center where it is possible to hold competitions in football, volleyball, basketball, handball and other team sports, including regional-level competitions. Also, Company employees can visit the gym, fitness classes, table tennis or tennis to keep fit.