Our Values

  • 01
    Continuous development

    Continuous development is a key aspect for JSC Gazproektinzhiniring. The company is in constant search, development and improvement of its business processes. We offer solutions that help our customers conserve natural resources, ensure a high level of reliability of facilities, and reduce their negative impact on the environment.

  • 02
    Attention to people

    Our activities affect many people: not only our own employees, but also those who throughout the Russian Federation and abroad operate facilities built according to our projects. In all our actions, we are guided by safety for human life and health, and we also direct maximum efforts to preserve the environment.

    We support individuality. Everyone in JSC Gazproektinzhiniring is passionate about their work and has the potential for growth, everyone can influence the situation. Everyone should feel that they are respected and appreciated.

  • 03

    We are aware that the success of the company directly depends on the level of competence of our employees, therefore we do our best to attract and retain the best specialists, and also create conditions for the constant improvement of the professional level of our employees.

  • 04
    Focus on results

    Achieved results are the main measure of success in our organization. We strongly encourage the purposefulness of our employees, the desire to set ambitious goals and achieve them. Only effective work is rewarded.

  • 05

    No circumstances will force us to change the main principle of our activity — decency in relation to the state and society, shareholders, customers, partners and employees.

  • 06
    Team spirit

    Our team strives to work as one team, in an atmosphere of cooperation and pride, where the tasks and goals of the business are perceived as a common cause. Putting personal interests at the forefront, neglecting the interests of the organization, is unacceptable in our team. A finished project is a collective work and the result of the work of the whole team.

  • 07
    Customer focus

    Orientation to meet the needs and requirements of customers is the fundamental principle of organizing our work.

  • 08
    Initiative and responsibility

    Our Company welcomes and encourages initiative and responsibility. The ability and desire to bear responsibility are an integral characteristic of a development-oriented person, and therefore of our employee.

  • 09
    Openness and reliability

    To earn recognition and respect, we must do more than just develop projects. We must be seen as an honest and reliable partner. That is why we follow the policy of maximum openness. We are interested in everyone knowing our goals, our work and our Company.

    Openness is not only a characteristic of our Company, but also the desire and ability to listen to the opinions of others, take into account their needs, conduct a constructive discussion, and be ready for a reasonable compromise.

    We interact openly and honestly within the Company, with our partners and with the society that surrounds us.