Digital Construction Monitoring System Will Be Launched in Voronezh Region
A system of digital construction progress monitoring was demonstrated to Governor Aleksandr Gusev. The Head of the Region had a meeting with JSC Gazproektinzhiniring management.
It was proposed to use drones to monitor the construction progress in the region. Today they can be used to create 3D copies of construction sites making it easier to promptly obtain information on the actual construction status.
Deputy Chairman of Voronezh Region Government Konstantin Kuznetsov noted that it was planned to digitalize the construction industry in 2023 to ensure supervision and monitoring during the construction of critical facilities. Head of the State Construction Supervision Inspectorate of Voronezh Region Sergei Bolgov reminded that Voronezh Region had been included into a number of pilot regions that used digital solutions of the Main Directorate of State Construction Supervision of Moscow Region. “Invisible” supervision approved by the Strategic Initiative Agency is being deployed within the framework of digital transformation. This practice is to substitute an in-person site survey with a drone survey. Moreover, Voronezh Region has been the first region in Russia to implement a “smart” calculator of inspections to be carried out by the state construction supervision bodies at construction projects.
As explained by JSC Gazproektinzhiniring representatives, there are two types of drone surveys: conventional photos taken with the help of a drone and a photogrammetric aerial survey. Photogrammetric survey presupposes that a high-precision photorealistic 3D model of facility is created. It can be further used for calculation of quantity of cut and fill and measurement of facility’s area and dimensions.
The use of drones will make it possible to remotely monitor the construction progress, check the quantities of work performed, monitor fencing of the construction site and crane installation locations, etc.
JSC Gazproektinzhiniring has already tested this approach at one of the construction project on Sakhalin Island. For the purposes of construction support, drone flights are carried out once a week. Since 2018, more than 140 3D models have been created. A pilot project of surveying a mega-school construction site in Voronezh was shown to Aleksandr Gusev.
Governor Aleksandr Gusev emphasized that implementation of this technology in the region was in demand. The Head of the Region instructed to make a list of key regional facilities under construction where 3D models could be used and determine the financing sources.
News prepared by: Администратор Сайта
The material is based on information from the website of Voronezh Region Government: https://www.govvrn.ru/novost/-/~/id/11414730