The Krasnodar underground gas storage facility was created based on the depleted Alexandrovsky gas condensate field. The Krasnodar UGS is an integral part of Russia's underground gas storage system and is designed to manage the seasonal unevenness of gas supply to consumers of Krasnodar Region and the Republic of Adygea, as well as to create an operational and long-term gas reserve in case of natural disasters and other emergencies.

At the head structures, there are two compressor shops with process piping, a package of primary and measuring separators, a gas drying and treatment unit, an air compressor, water air coolers devices (hot and cold cycle), gas air coolers devices of the 1st and 2nd stages, a DEG regeneration unit, tripping devices, 40 metering process lines, gas metering unit, dust collector package, liquid phase separators, oil trap, treated produced water injection plant.
Projects / Development of Process Facilities