The existing gas distribution station (GDS) of the village of Muzhukay was put into operation in 2004; its purpose is to provide natural gas to industrial and municipal consumers of the village of Muzhukay and residents of Babayurt District of the Republic of Dagestan. The parameters of the existing GDS do not fully meet the region's demand for natural gas. The design solutions provide for the construction of a new GDS at a new site with an increase in productivity of up to 15,000 nm3/h. The mode of operation of the GDS is year–round, around the clock.

During the survey of the territory of the land plot provided for the placement of the GDS, an object of archaeological heritage was identified – the Muzhukay Burial Mound. This object does not fall into the zone of modification of the GDS, but during excavation, supervision was organized, and a protective zone of the archaeological heritage object was designated in order to exclude accidental damage to the object.
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