Sakhalin-2 OPFC project is designed to ensure the planned production levels by compensating for the drop in wellhead pressure in the wells of the Lunskoye Field. For the Company, working on the project has become a new activity.

If earlier the Company used information modeling at the design stage, then it is used already at the construction stage. The Company acted as a system integrator providing a unified information space around the digital model. In addition, the specialists used 4D information modeling, in which the digital model is linked to an activity progress chart.

Technologies such as laser scanning and photogrammetry technology have also been applied, which make it possible to dynamically monitor the actual state of the facility under construction and receive and record information about design deviations.

And the most important thing is to control the quantities at the construction site. As part of the implementation of this project, JSC Gazproektinzhiniring for the first time mastered the rotational arrangement of work.
Projects / Development of Process Facilities